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Refund Policy

To allow our clients the flexibility needed to better decide which of our services would suit their needs best before making a bigger commitment, we offer prorated refunds if the service is cancelled during first billing cycle.

Am I Eligible For A Refund?

Services in their first Billing Cycle would be issued a prorated refund upon request if they are canceled:
• Within Thirty (30) days of purchase, for services purchased on an Annual, Biennial, or Triennial Billing Cycle.
• Within Forty-Eight (48) hours of purchase, for services purchased on a Monthly, Quarterly, or Semiannual Billing Cycle.

A refund request must be made within a ticket to the Billing team within Fourteen (14) days of completing the cancellation in order to receive the promised prorated refund. Services canceled outside of the above timeframes are not eligible for refund.

What Services Are Not Eligible For Refund?

The following services are not eligible for refund under any circumstances:
• Domains
• Software Licenses
• SSL Certificates
• Services Performed
• IP Addresses
• Product Upgrades/Downgrades
• Any Services or Products that are Billed on an hourly basis
• Payments made using Cryptocurrency and are not eligible for refunds

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